Jen's Crafty Corner Story

My corner grew out of a desire to rekindle a creative outlet in my daily life. While I have always been crafty and artistically inclined, that piece of me slowly fell away as I filled my world with marriage, children and running my husband's successful dental practice.

After the birth of my third boy, I suffered from post par tum depression and finding something that was "just mine" was part of my prescription from my therapist. 

And so, Ryan bought me a vinyl cutter for my birthday (and assumed I would make a few things and it would live on a shelf). Within several months I was receiving enough requests to think about formalizing a business. Jen's Crafty Corner was born.

I eventually took over Ryan's home office and at least one of the hall closets and do my best to contain my "mess" and glitter to those locations (I don't always do a great job).

What I created as mine has become a family affair, and my boys and even Ryan help out on occasion. Thanks for supporting me in my venture. I love custom projects most of all and would love to create with you.